Nylon 6 chips

Specification:Relative viscosity 3.4±0.1
Monomer content:≤0.6%
Moisture content:≤0.06%
Raw material:Caprolactam
Application:Spinning and tyre cord fabric

Nylon 6 high tenacity yarn

Raw material:PA 6
Color:Raw, white, blue, black, green and red
Application:Ropes, mark line, sewing thread, ribbon, fishing nets, etc

Nylon 6 dipped tyre cord fabric

Specification: 840D/2 1260D/2 1260D/3 1680D/2 1890D/2
840D/1 1260D/1 1680D/1 1890D/1 1050D/1
Raw material:PA 6
Application:Bias tyres
Used chiefly in motorbike, truck and bus tyre as well as agricultural, industrial and other off-the-road tyre

Other specifications and special requirements can be mutually negotiated for confirmation by the buyers and manufacturers